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Henry Milker Story 

How it all began

Hi folks, I'm Mike Henry. Thanks for your interest in the  Henry Milker. I'd like to tell you about how my milking machine came about. I grew up milking goats and after starting a family in Alaska, I decided the goats must return. I began with five acres and a fiesty doe named Millie.

At 58 years old (and counting, reminds my daughter), I sure wasn't a young sprout anymore. Milking by hand was tough on the hands. Millie was putting up such a fuss, maybe I was out of practice? After the hundredth kicked over bucket, clumps of hair in the milk, straining and sterilizing the milk and tedious clean-up, I figured there had to be a better way.

easy-goat-milker.jpgHenry Milker miracle 

Encouraged by my wife and daughter, I put on my overalls and went to work in the garage. After a week or so of tinkering, I had my first Henry Milker. It sure was crude, but I gave it whirl with Millie, and heck if I didn't have a little bit of milk!

Step by step, I improved the milker. Everyone was happier. Millie, my hands, my wife, my daughter. I started sharing my invention by selling it on Ebay. Buyers sent me a lot of great compliments and great suggestions, and I've implemented them into the milker.

I've had people from countries across the world order the Henry Milker for all types of animals, including miniature goats, cows, mares, mules and more.  

Dedicated to milking

My goal is to make milking enjoyable and easy for everyone. I love hearing from the people all around the world using the Henry Milker. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send me an email. Even better, post a video on YouTube of your goat and the Henry Milker and I'll feature it on my website.